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Hello!!! We are so excited your coming to enjoy our little itaLian summer time holiday open house!

Here is a few things to expect when you come to the PARTY!!



We can't believe we sold out! It's so amazing to have the opportunity to spend time with you and share Lil Epic Design Studio info!

To ensure we make the best of our time together, we would love for you to let us know what time we get to see your pretty faces!! Our plan is to break the day into 3 slots so we can have enough, snacks, drinks and workshop material info for Everybody!

Please pick a time that works for you!



We are located at 2605 W. North Ave 1W, Chicago IL, 60647

We highly recommend Ubers/ Lyft's and public transportation to get to us. We are closest to the Western Blue line. Its a few blocks of  walk to our studio, but the neighborhood has some fun shops to offer and why not enjoy the summer weather, Before you know it its Pumpkin spice latte time!

Parking directly on our side of North Ave is a pay to park meter with a 2 hour time limit. Parking on the other side of the street is Free! Crazy I know!

Majority of the side streets ( Rockwell, Maplewood, Talman ) are free parking.



We will have some fun food snacks to help bring the Italian theme to life. Our food station will show off some fun classic Chicago favs from La Villa Restaurant. We will also have one of our newest workshop hosts show off a few food related workshops at that station!

Sip on a few cocktails we love with a Lemon twists!!

We love working with talented artists! Our sweets table will be designed and created by Altissima Cakes!

Get your selfie game on! We will have some of our giant backdrops ready for your best pose along with a social photo booth sponsored by Big Hugs Photo Booth!!! Please Don’t forget to follow us and tag us! @lilepicdesign