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Paint Your Pet Paint + Pour


Why be like everyone else and take 1,000 snaps of your dog or cat when you can really show your love and dedication with a painting! We wanted to take it ALLLLL the way back to a time where people classically painted their pet's portrait! We know it sounds pretty daunting, especially because you would never want to produce a terrible painting of the fluff of your live, so we are going to lend you a hand!

Send us a photo of the pet pal and we'll vectorize it and give you something you can trace and fill in! You're still in control of your masterpiece, we're just here to get you going in the right direction! 

As always, we'll provide the art supplies and snacks and all you have to do is send us a picture of your pet, bring some booze, and tell your friends! 

As always, we have a discount! Buy 3 tickets and get 20% Off! 


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You also acknowledge the risks involved in participating or consuming­ alcohol at "ANY OF OUR SPECIAL EVENTS"  . These include but are not limited to: over consumption of BYOB alcohol, injury, dangerous equipment,or damage of property owned by other participants and studio. You swear that you are participating voluntarily, and that all risks have been made clear. Additionally, You do not have any conditions that will increase the likelihood of experiencing injuries while engaging in this activity. You forfeit all right to bring a suit against Lil Epic Design for any reason.  If needed, please reach out to us for additional information in regards to this agreement.