So I was never a good test taker…

I was creative, organized, and worked well with people, but all of that could never help me score better on tests. Working on the side to make spare money and balancing sports, dance, theater, and school was really hard and I always wished someone could really understand what I was going through in order to place into a good college. I was constantly hoping that my efforts weren’t in vain and that I would be able to set myself apart from the thousands of applicants trying to get into the same schools even though my grades weren’t the best. I was always quietly wishing for a mentor or help, but didn’t really know where to go since I didn’t have a lot of connections in the city and didn’t really know anyone besides my family in the US. I was seeking a support base that could help me navigate the next best steps to take for my education and career. To be honest, I think I’m still seeking that as an adult.

PopScholar is the chance for a student to really develop into the type of individuals we would want to run the world in the future. The platform nurtures a support system that every child and teen needs and does so in a way that gives tangible rewards for celebrating achievement. It is a site where students can take ownership of their successes by putting their achievements to the forefront and realizing that their efforts are worth it. This is an opportunity for students to alleviate some of the pressures of not being able to afford supplies or clothes for school. In the same light, this is an opportunity for students to be able to learn the value of money and the hard work it takes to earn it.

When I first heard of PopScholar I was instantly sold. I loved the mission of removing the social anxiety and negativity of social media and putting it to work so that it really has the ability to empower and strengthen the generation that it caters to. Lil Epic Design is a full backer of PopScholar and we intend on being one of the many sponsors and mentors that will have a direct impact on students looking to create a future for themselves that is creative and focused on helping others and the future!