10 New Year's Resolution to add to your list... For keeps.

It’s that time of year again! It’s a time of introspection and also, looking forward. At Lil Epic Design, We know a thing or two about how to make and break resolutions- and we know how to break them real, real bad. We get it, we start out the year super idealistic with a giant list of changes and then break all of them by the second week of the year. Even though the thought of compiling a list on how you will become a better version of yourself in 12 months sounds a bit overwhelming, we compiled a small list of resolutions that we think you can stick to (we’re in this too!) and might even make 2017 us a tad bit better (who doesn’t want that?!?... that was rhetorical.).

1. Eat breakfast everyday ( or almost everyday)

So we’re not nutritionists, but we’re pretty sure that breakfast is important- like, the most important meal of the day. We’re definitely guilty of skimping out on breakfast especially on busy event weekends. However, we know the crushing power of hanger and that it can make it harder for us to focus and can also make us be kinda mean. Lesson: don’t let hanger win- eat breakfast.

2. Learn to like hanging out with yourself.

It might be a bit odd to think of hanging out with yourself, but we get really caught up in knowing what’s going on with others and saying “yes” to social invites that we forget how great “alone time” can really be for our minds and well-being. Set some time in your schedule (may we suggest Sunday nights?) to put on some cozy sweatpants, make a cozy beverage (whatever cozy means to you), silence and hide your phone, and do or watch something you really love uninterrupted by the rest of the world.

3. Try that new restaurant down the street!

The time is now people, you never know if that new restaurant has your new favorite dish that you order and reorder for years to come! Also, that new restaurant may not be your jam! Nonetheless, you got out of your comfort zone and strayed away from being stuck in your ways which may then lead you to try other new things down the line. Sounds like a win to us! Just don’t let the dish you didn’t like keep you from taking a chance on other new things that may pop up!

4. Wear sunblock, because bronzer is probably better than burnt skin.

Even people who don’t want a tan forget to wear sunblock! We definitely have been slacking in the sunblock department. Now, there are plenty of reasons to wear sunblock (UV Rays, sun spots, premature aging, skin cancer), but we're pretty sure you want to keep that skin looking youthful and radiant for as long as possible so... Wear sunblock. There are so many options on the market these days so don't worry, you will not smell like or look like you're getting ready to get into your swimmies at the pool. 


Call? What's that?! It seems like the days of waiting by the phone for a call from your friends or crush are gone. Let's bring them back! We've lost touch with person-to-person contact and as much as texting is direct messaging back and forth, the conversations can be dropped and picked up again whenever and wherever. Calling someone forces you to interact with someone in real time and allows you to get a better idea of how the person feels and how they're doing. Plus, it's hard to tell if 10 dancing woman  in red dress emojis translate to you being excited or if it means that you've bought a really great red dress. 



We're not asking you to become a hyper-organized planner fanatatic (like we are), but we think list making is a good start to getting things in order. Start making lists of things you want to buy, shows you want to watch, things you need to get done for the week, even goals for the month. You'll start realizing that list making is the gateway drug to organization and soon enough you'll be powering through all the junk drawers and random bins that need sorting through. 

7. Donate a little somethin' somethin'. 



You don't have to produce a huge fundraiser or go door to door collecting proceeds. You can go through your closet and find old clothes or shoes that you won't wear anymore. You can donate 2 hours of your week to a food depository, you can give $5-$20 dollars to campaigns fighting for things that matter. You can even donate your steps! There are so many options out there to give back now so go ahead and try one of them and start giving back! 

8. Try to not kill a plant.

It might be really hard (we are known for some black thumbs at Lil Epic Design), but try to find a very low maintenance plant that suits your house, apartment, or dorm, and really try to keep it alive. Our personal favorites is to keep a phone alarm to water our plants. We don't expect you to have a greenhouse by 2018, but we know that you'll feel pretty proud of yourself for not sending a plant under. We like to give our plants names so that we get attached to them and won't forget about them.

9. Set up an automatic savings account.

We may not be financial advisers, but we know (from personal experiences) that it's probably a good idea to have an automatic savings. You may be in pretty good shape or you may have zero savings nonetheless, you can definitely benefit from an automatic savings withdrawal. It can be $5 a week or it can be $60 a month, you will definitely see the savings pile up by mid year and the best part is you didn't even have to begrudgingly think about it! We're basically tucking money away and hiding it from ourselves in secret... kinda! The automation means  you don't have to think about it now, but get to have a nice surprise bundle of excess cash that escaped you before you accidentally spent that extra $5 from 12 weeks ago at Target!  Trust us, parting with money can be hard, but it's not really parted if it's still technically yours- it's just burrowed away in a squirrel nest somewhere stored away until winter... or until your car breaks down. 

10. Go out and enjoy some Nature.

So, it's pretty clear that global warming is real. In Chicago, the first week of 2017 had 40 degrees on Tuesday and -5 degrees on Wednesday (Pretty real people). We're not really suggesting that you go see the ice caps of Mount Everest in like March or scuba in the great barrier reef, but you can probably go on a walk in a nature preserve or look up a national state park in your area. It's easy for us, especially us at Lil Epic Design, to forget nature since we're always working on our computers, but taking a mental break and allowing ourselves to be amazed by what nature really reminds us to not take it for granted and to try to do our part to keep these natural wonders around for the future.