Plan out 2017 with these Lil Epic Design Planner Favorites!

Small enough to fit in a purse or bag as a personal planner. Horizontal layout. Best part is the "THIS WEEK" Dashboard that is formatted to help you jot down your "To Do" lists and reminders every week. I think that is exceptionally nice for those who are a bit overwhelmed with planner stickers. Also, this planner is great for anyone who wants to start getting more comfortable with Bullet Journaling, but is not ready to commit to an entire journal just yet. I personally love the clever use of space in this planner and the weekly dashboard definitely helps make the Horizontal layout planner more functional. 

2. I Am Very Busy Blue Planner | $28.00 - $32.00

I'm not huge on horizontal planning because I feel like I can never fit everything I need to do in those types of layouts but I really like how big this is. This one gives more than enough space for creating separate lists for everything you need to get done. The cute illustrations that are built into the planner and really help give your planner a personalized feel. Also, the collection of stickers that come with the planner are the most relateable stickers on this entire planet! If you want to get a planner that allows you to write out notes as well have some fun decorative stickers to start out with- this is the planner for you! 

3. Erin Condren Life Planner | $55.00 - $65.00

This is the planner I personally use and plan out of everyday. I like the Erin Condren Planner because it has one of the strongest spinal coil out there. The coils do not undo, they don't bend, they keep each sheet tug free, and they also keep nice and bound through a lot of wear and tear. I am terrible at treating my planner right, and let me tell you that the coil on that planner was not only keeping the pages together, but also my life. Talking about wear and tear, the laminate on the cover and back is extremely durable and is pretty hard to scratch up. Again, I definitely put my planner to the test and it remained in good condition throughout the year. The Erin Condren Life Planner also comes in three formats, vertical, horizontal, and hourly. I personally love the vertical layout because it allows me to organize and personalize the way I plan based on what I have going on. 

4. The Happy Planner | $19.00 - $34.00

This one almost beat out the Erin Condren planner, but didn't on the condition that I had already purchased my Erin Condren planner for the year. The one thing that sets the Happy Planner apart is that it is a completely customized planner made simple. You can stick with the basic layout or you could add your own inserts to fit your planning needs and style. The spine is completely unique to almost all planners on the market! The spine consists of Disks that can be removed or re ordered according to your style. You can replace the covers and sheet inserts inside. You can even create your own personalized planner sheets by using the specific whole punch that will make any sheet fit inside your planner. This planner also comes in 2 layouts- The Horizontal and the Vertical. The vertical layout boxes are about a quarter inch bigger than the Erin Condren Horizontal Layout. The Laminated covers are quite sturdy and hard to scratch. However, I did notice a slight tugging on the papers and the spine is not as strongly supported, but that is to be assumed since they are separate disks. Chyrel uses a Happy Planner and is quite pleased with it! I love her planner and I'm definitely considering picking one up as well!

5.  Ardium Daily Grid Planner | $47.95

This planner is definitely smaller than the others listed above. It is also leather bound and comes in an elegant range of colors. It has a magnetic closure flap and the cover and back also has sleeves for storing excess papers. The  planner is extremely customizable in the sense that it does not come with any set months or dates filled out so you can go ahead and start using it whenever you want. There is Grid paper included for list building, drawing, or Bullet Journaling. It has a pen holder which I thought was extremely classy and clever, The planner also has a yearly plan which looks a lot like an hourly planner, but instead has all the days of the month in one thin row of boxes going down vertically. Each spread comes with 4 days with plenty of room for listing out "To Do"s and notes. Each individual box also comes with a date and time checklist so you can hourly plan as well! That's crazy!