INFORMATION BELOW RELEVANT AS OF AUGUST 2016

                              INFORMATION BELOW RELEVANT AS OF AUGUST 2016





Unbreak my heart, unclog my pores.

Did you ever, as a kid, smother Elmers glue all over your hands just to wait for it to dry and then meticulously try to peel off the glue in the largest chunks possible? No? Just me? Well, APPARENTLY all the cool kids did it... ~totally~. Maybe those kids, like I (yeah I went there), were on to something! This peeling technology is relatively new on the beauty market, but it seems like we’ve been doing it with glue for ages! So maybe you shouldn’t put glue all over your face… But Calcium Montmorillonite Clay (... fancy clay?) seems like a great alternative if you want to peel off all the gunk that’s clogged in your pores. I was immediately enchanted by this concept and had to buy this mask immediately. PS. $34.00 USD is a pretty steep price for a mask in my opinion (and current budget), but I bought it anyways to see what was so ~ah-peeling~ about this famous peel off mask (yup, I went there again). I bought this alongside the Boscia Exfoliating Peel Gel during the Sephora VIB sale and have used it enough times to think that I have a good handle on this product… Let’s just say, it’s almost empty.

So, the low down is this: The first time you try this mask, you will be a little weirded out, but instantly hooked. They do not take the peeling element lightly. You put thick layers of this mask on all over your face and let it dry out to the point where it feels pretty tight. Then, the peeling begins. I always try to challenge myself to peel the mask carefully in attempt to get the biggest pieces off. Once, you get a piece off, you can look at the underside and see all the dirt that was in your pores… Those little beige spikes… Yeah, that was gunk chilling on your forehead this whole time. It was mesmerizing to see how much dirt it picked up from my pores and I’d like to think that my pores aren’t that bad! I instantly noticed a brighter appearance to my skin and the next day, I was getting compliments on how my skin texture looked better and how my complexion looked less irritated.

How my sensitive skin reacted: I turned red. As with most products that require any abrasive element, my skin turned red. I didn’t bubble up which was definitely a surprise. I thought my skin wouldn’t take well to the whole extraction of it all, but once the general redness died down, my sensitive skin did great! It seemed happy even (if skin had emotions)! I have odd textural freckles that are just slightly raised on my cheekbones and I always thought that the bump surrounding them would never go away. However, after using this product a couple of times, I noticed a huge difference in the texture of my little “bumps” on my face! When I use this product consistently every week alongside a good skin care regimen, I noticed less skin redness and overall a better, cleaner complexion.

Final Thoughts: DO IT! I cannot recommend this face mask enough! I have seen a huge difference in the texture of and reactivity of my sensitive skin and I now consider this a holy grail product. Use Once or Twice a week depending on your skin texture and condition, but I only reach for this once a week based on my particular skin type.